Welcome to the world of custom jewellery!!

Do you want something unique? A new colour? Is there an idea you would love to be wearing?
Get in touch with us!!!
Some quick guidelines to help with the process:
  • Do you have pictures or a sketch of the initial idea? This will help when we work on a design together
  • We would take a deposit of £20 or 50% of the overall total. Whichever is higher before we start manufacturing
  • We will make every attempt to stick to the price quoted if this is not the case and we use more materials we will let you know straight away. We will stay in contact throughout the whole process
  • Time to make a custom piece is normally 1 week if we have the parts. This can increase if we have to order. If you need it sooner than that, this can be discussed
  • Delivery of £3.95 UK, £5.95 EU and £9.95 Everywhere else, will be added to your order
Speak Soon!!
Luke and The Dragged Out Team