About us

Living with two drag artists can be a challenge. You can guess when they are working on new material who is the butt of their jokes.

But it isn't all bad. Our home is always full of colour, laughs and sequins on the floor.

The biggest challenge they face, apart from getting their audiences eating out of their hand, is making their outfits as outrageous as their attempted death drops.

My challenges have been different. A world where the customer is always king, queen and everything in between, having managed stores for some of the biggest names on the high street in Oxford Street, Regent Street and beyond. I don't go for a quiet life.

I am Luke and have spent my life searching for my destiny. Up to now, I have spent my days dealing with the Karen's of this world and the evenings listening to the moans of the Ru Paul wannabees at home because they can't get the dynasty look to match their talent (their words not mine).

I tapped into my little black book, used my inner Lady Glitter Sparkles and now we have no sequins any more, but there's crystals everywhere.

Dragged Out was born to slay drag artists everywhere. With our launch at Rupauls DragCon UK this is just the beginning. If there is something you want to see, let me use my magic to release your inner diva.

We have started with everybody's best friend, jewellery and this is just the start as the brand grows. Make sure you see us at upcoming events.

See you soon.